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silhouette of pregnant womanWe hear our adoptive parents.

You feel powerless.

You feel the birth mother has all the control. You feel this is a financial drain. You feel confused as to why things aren’t working out.  You don’t want your heart hurt. You feel powerless.

We hear our birth mothers.

You feel powerless.

You feel you aren’t in a position to parent. You feel once you sign those papers, you’ll have no control over communication with your child. You feel emotionally drained and physically spent. You don’t want your heart hurt. You feel powerless.

Parents and birth mothers, recognize you have at least two things in common:

  • You feel powerless

  • You want the best for the baby

Expect that this is the case.

Birth mothers, we hope we can give you a sense of control. We hope we can find a situation which will fit. You are the only one who can decide whether to write a parenting plan for your child. You are the one who gets to decide which parents you would like to have for your child. You are the one who gets to decide on the openness of your parenting plan.

Adoptive parents, we recognize your journey has been difficult. Please, even as you feel powerless, see the sacrifice a birth mother is making. These are enormous sacrifices both physically and mentally.

One of our team member has learned to love a young birth mother . As this struggling teen held her baby and wrestled with her decision, she sent this emotional text.

 “How can I have faith during this process? It’s like my emotions getting in the way of the best decision

I can make for him.

“It’s like real emotional and upsetting for me to give him up, but it’s best for me to do this for his future. How did other girls go through with it? This is so hard, but it’s so right.”

We hear you.

Adoptive parents, please, hear the birth mothers.

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