Adoptive Family Adoption Process

Adoptive Family Adoption Process

Adoption Process

We start the approval process once we receive all your documents. It takes 2-4 weeks to complete.

  1. Phone Call – Once we have reviewed your home study and application, we may call to interview you and discuss any of the concerns or questions you have for us or we have for you. 
  2. Education– There is so much to learn and we encourage you to call upon every resource you have to prepare to adopt. In addition to the required books and classes, we have many education resources. Check them out. And always feel free to call and talk to us.

3.  Approval Letter – We will send you a letter to let you know if you are approved with our agency.


Once you are approved with us, we give you the username and password for the Current Situations page. This page gives you information of the situations that come through our agency. Feel free to contact us if there is a situation that interests you. However, it does not guarantee you will be presented on that situation. We recognize this may be difficult as you wait. Please be patient. A few things we consider when we match:

  • Birth mother preferences. First and foremost, we consider what a birth mother is looking for in an adoptive family.  Her preferences may be specific to age of adoptive parents, marital status, number of children, religious beliefs, and ethnicity.
  • Your preferences and characteristics. We consider what is it about you that matches with the birth mother’s preferences.
  • Your budget. Some situations require additional medical fees, outside our agency fees.
  • Your openness. Just as we consider a birth mother’s preferences, we consider what is approved on your home study to what you specifically desire.
  • What state you and the birth mother live in. There are different state regulations.
  • We consider how long you have been an active family with Heart to Heart.
  • Families who have a failed adoption with us have higher priority
  • When you are matched and receive the financial contract half of the agency fees are due.

Relinquishment and Placement

Depending on the laws where the baby is born, placement occurs anywhere from 24 to 72 hours following delivery. If a birth mother requests, the adoptive family may be invited for the delivery of the baby. Final payment of all fees is due at the time of placement.

Post Placement

  • Supervisory Visits: There is a supervisory period of, generally, six months before you can finalize the adoption. During that time, you can expect a counselor visit on two or three occasions to support and confirm the success of the placement. Additional visits may be scheduled, as needed.
  • Birth Father: Unless the known birth father gives consent for the adoption, the adoption is considered a “Legal Risk Adoption.” It will become necessary to determine and then terminate his rights in accordance with the laws of all states involved with the adoption.
  • Insurance: Notify your health insurance company of your new addition. Some insurances cover at the time of birth, others at the time of placement.
  • We offer a platform called HeartsConnect that allows adoptive families, birth parents, and adoptees a safe, secure place to share pictures, videos, and text communication.
  • There is an Adoption Registry in each state that allows birth parents and adoptees to reconnect when the child is 18. The child and the birth parents would both need to register.

Finalization of the Adoption

Finalization is exciting. It typically takes place after a successful, supervisory period (generally six months, though that can vary depending on the state). Adoptive families are responsible for all legal fees associated with finalization. You are free to select independent counsel for all necessary adoption proceedings. In some areas we can make recommendations.