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My Birth Mother Was a Playboy Bunny

Adopted children often have high expectations of their birth parents.

As a small child, Katie supposed hers were a prince and princess, heirs to a faraway throne who had hidden Katie in the suburbs of Utah to keep her safe from a wicked king looking to overthrow the kingdom.

When Katie no longer believed in fairytales, her birth mother turned into a beauty queen.    When the beauty queen gave birth, the new mother was heartbroken she could not be a beauty queen and a mother, but she did what was best and placed baby Katie with a loving family in the suburbs of Utah.

Eventually, Katie realized her birth parents were rock stars who had produced her when they were in their very early teens and would ultimately send her lots of money where she lived in the suburbs of Utah.

Never once did Katie expect her mother was a Playboy Bunny.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Playboy empire, “playmates” appeared in Playboy magazine. “Bunnies” auditioned to wear skimpy bodysuits, fluffy cottontails, rabbit ears, and served at the playboy clubs. Talented and well-endowed bunnies got to sit on the piano and sing. Katie’s mother was talented.

In the end, however, the woman gave up Playboy Pink and succumbed to alcoholism and bouts of schizophrenia.

“When I met my sisters,” Katie said. “They were very loyal to my birth mother, but they told me I had dodged a bullet.”

From appearing as an extra in several TV shows including The Monkees, a short-lived comedy series about the band, the Playboy Bunny’s life spiraled until she spent her last few years sitting on the steps of a condemned trailer.

Katie is convinced she was placed for adoption because she would never have survived what her sisters went through.

“I have a half-sister five years older than I am. My birth mother was married when she gave birth to her,” Katie explained. “She was divorced when she had an affair with a man who was ‘getting a divorce,” and had me. My mother remarried and had another little girl who is three years younger than myself.”

When Katie discovered her half-sisters through DNA and a private investigator, she sent them a message. The older of the two sisters responded immediately.

“You have been an invisible presence my whole life,” the message said. “This is so cool, so just call me back.”

Unfortunately, the birth mother had passed away just days before Katie contacted this side of her biological family.

The relationship with the sisters on her birth mother’s side has been especially warm.

The reception on her birth father’s side has also been positive, except for the birth father himself. He refused to answer any of Katie’s messages. Originally, Katie understood his reluctance. A message from a strange number could mean any number of things including being scammed. Not one to give up easily, however, Katie contacted her birth father’s brother, an identity she easily found after learning her father’s name.

“My father’s brother, my uncle,” Katie said, “is an amazingly nice man, both him and his wife. They are wonderful. They told me my birth father does not want to know me, or meet me, or have any kind of relationship.”

Katie is okay with this reception. “If I didn’t have such an amazing father who raised me, this might bother me, but I have the best dad in the world. I really don’t need another.”

Katie’s birth father had two daughters and a son. Getting to know these two sisters has also been a positive thing in her life.

Meeting her biological family was a blessing to a woman who has repeatedly been told she resembles her Playboy Bunny mother. However, the adopted woman is grateful she was raised in the suburbs of Utah.