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Birth Mother’s Day–Honor Birth Moms

Children need to celebrate their roots.

For adopted children, this celebration includes understanding and loving birth family. Thus, Birth Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate and honor the birth family.

When you honor the birth family, you honor the child.

Finding the powerful and good in a birth family does not mean a reduction in love for the adoptive family. On the contrary, parents can love more than one child. Indeed, a child can love more than one mother.

Adoption is not easy.

Not for the birth mother who is finding the strength to give her child what she feels is best.

Not for the child who may wonder why his identity has to include being adopted.

Not for the adoptive parents who must constantly recognize the needs of the other members of the triad.

But love is worth the sacrifice.

Take the time to honor those women who are mothers whether they are raising the child or not.

If someone gives up their baby, they should be honored for the sacrifice.