Birth Mothers – Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Child

Birth Mothers - Gift Ideas for your child
One month out of the whole year is noticeably harder than the rest for many birth mothers. The month of your child’s birth is often a time of reflection, longing, and emotional grief. Memories of your child’s birth bring back a flood of memories and emotions. At this special time, you may need some help coming up with ideas for a gift to give that would help keep the two of you connected as time goes on. We’ve compiled a short list of excellent gift ideas. You’ll want to consider the adoptive family and the adoption type.

  • Scrapbooks – This is a great way to help your child feel connected. You could include hospital pictures, pictures of yourself, a letter from you with your thoughts and feelings about your child, pictures of your maternity, pictures of you with the adoptive family, etc. Scrapbooking supplies are available at places like hobby lobby, walmart, or just about anywhere. You can also use one of the many software programs to make it digitally. If you’re not really the scrapbook type, you can use an online program that allows you to upload pictures, letters, text, etc and it puts it together for you. Shutterfly and blurb are excellent
  • Adoption Books – If your child is still young, there are many books about adoption that make the perfect gift. Here are a few examples:Jewelry – There’s nothing like putting a special saying from you on something that your child can wear. There are also many ideas for mother / child jewelry on Etsy and Pinterest that you can browse through for ideas. 
    1. Did My First Mother Love Me?: A Story for an Adopted Child by Kathryn Ann Miller
    2. Megan’s Birthday Tree: A Story About Open Adoption  by Laurie Lears
    3. The Tummy Mummy by Michelle Madrid-Branch
  • Create Something Unique – The internet is full of ideas for keepsakes that you can easily create yourself. Do a search on Pinterest or Etsy and you’ll find yourself spending hours browsing through all of the cute crafty ideas
  • Personal Belonging – If you have a toy, doll, blanket, or something else that meant something to you growing up, this might be the perfect gift to pass on to your child. Make sure to send a letter explaining what it is and why it meant so much to you. 

These gift ideas come from suggestions from other birth mothers. Hopefully they’ve sparked some ideas for you to pursue as the perfect gift for your child. If you have something to add to this list, please leave a comment below.

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