Birth Parents: Abortion Alternatives

In today’s society, children are becoming sexually active younger than ever before. Even adults find themselves faced with unplanned pregnancies. There are many alternatives to abortion and the experts at Heart to Heart are available to help pregnant girls and women through these difficult times.

While adoption laws vary by state, the experts at Heart to Heart Utah strive to stay up-to-date on local, state and national issues. Knowing what is permissible when considering adoption for your baby is where Heart to Heart can offer invaluable advice, including adoptions that cross state lines.

Additionally, adoption agencies specialize in providing counseling, helping birth mothers deal with this difficult time, including sorting through the range of foreign emotions they are experiencing. Agencies can also help plan hospital stays, including birthing plans, medical decisions, and delivery, even selecting an adoptive family that not only meets, but also exceeds a birth parent’s desires.

While only a birth parent can choose what decision is right for her, there are a number of couples that are unable to have children and have been on lengthy adoption waiting lists. A birth mother’s unexpected pregnancy could be the lifesaving joy for an adopting family, answering their long-awaited parenthood desires.

What is the process for a birth mother?

  1. She should confirm she is pregnant. It is advisable to take a pregnancy test to officially determine the results.
  2. While supportive family and friends are helpful, a pregnant mother may consider speaking to a professional about her medical state. Pregnancy clinics and family planning centers employ social workers and counselors who are readily available to help offer advice and explain alternatives.
  3. If adoption is an acceptable alternative, the birth mother should contact adoption agencies, including Heart to Heart, which will help explain the adoption process.
  4. During the pregnancy, a birth mother should consider whether she would prefer an open adoption or a private adoption. Does she want some involvement in the child’s life or would she prefer adoptive parents play the sole parental role?
  5. Adoption agencies provide regular medical care for both the birth mother and the unborn child, ensuring optimal health. Financial worries are put aside, as most adoption agencies provide medical care and housing alternatives while a birth mother is pregnant.

Most importantly, a birth mother needs to make the right decision for herself and her baby. If she determines she is not emotionally and financially stable to provide a nurturing environment for her baby, adoption is a viable alternative that gives her child a future to succeed.