Adoption is a lifelong journey, and so is adoption education.  We've written these posts to help you along your way.  Please enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments section.


Don’t LIVE Adoption.

“This is my son, his wife and their adopted kids,” my father-in-law smiled happily and waved his hand in our direction. Our three young children looked on silently as the man they knew as “grandpa,” discussed each of their origins. A few moments later, in a silent corner of the room where my children nor…
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Adoption Fits With Your Life

The light on my office phone was blinking. I could see the annoying notification through the window as I tried to herd high school students to their next class. “What now?” I muttered. I was in no hurry to answer. If passed experience was any kind of forecaster, there was either a parent on the…
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Bonding With An Adopted Child

“Don’t you feel like you are always babysitting?” Rosemary asked as she more securely bundled up the child she gave birth to six months ago.  “I get so tired with just my own. I can’t imagine always having another one.” The two of us were enjoying the first spring days at a local park. The…
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Congratulations You’re Ready to Adopt

If you are reading a blog on adoption, there’s a high probability, you have been in a position to use certain words which cause discomfort for the average American citizen. (In this pathetic illustration we are excluding doctors, nurses, and social workers.) Let me give you an illustration. Recently, I was at a local high…
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6 Important Reasons to Tell Your Children They Are Adopted

“Good news,” my son said when an Adele song came on and I started car dancing. His sister nodded solemnly in agreement. We have “Good News” in our family. In fact, it’s one of my children’s favorite saying. When their dad, pretends to give a drum roll at the end of what he thinks is…
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Should You Adopt or Do You Have Tendencies Which Disqualify You?

Adoption is not the normal way to get a child, biology is. If you love normal—don’t adopt. If you hate variety and crave predictability—don’t adopt. Let me give you a little quiz. If you answer,” Yes,” to any of these questions, I don’t think you’re a candidate for adoption. When choosing brides maids did you…
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Nature-Versus-Nurture Debate, No Clear Winner

“They were so interesting in what I have to say,” our oldest daughter said a few years ago. She had just spent an afternoon with her birth grandparents and had called to tell us about the experience. My daughter finds her birth family fascinating. There is a simple reason for this. They find her fascinating.…
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