Birth Parent - Financial Worksheet

  • Phone

    We can help you get a basic phone or pay your basic phone bill. This can be paid on line or over the phone.
  • Rent

    Heart to Heart may pay all or part of your rent if you need assistance with housing. We pay the rent directly to the landlord as often as possible. We will need your rental agreement and a receipt from the landlord when we pay.
  • Utilities

    We can help with essential utilities. This doesn’t include back payments or deposits. These bills should be paid directly to the provider. You will need to upload a photo of the bill (or you can mail us a copy of your bill).
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  • Company NameAccount #Type of ServiceTotal BillAmount of help neededHow to pay 
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  • Food, Transportation, and Personal Items

    We provide you with a Master Card which we load as needed. We generally load $75 each Monday morning every other week.
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