Adoptive Families

Going Home Barbie – Adoption Doll

Mattel has been making this Special Edition Barbie since 2001. But the adoption doll is not for sale? So how do you get one? They are only available to guests of the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou China who are visiting China to adopt a child. Mattel’s philanthropic efforts overall have come across as a bit…

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Dealing with Post Adoption Depression Syndrome – Pads

Dealing with infertility took its toll. Let’s face it, the adoption process was almost as stressful and grueling. Through it all you experienced a mix of powerful emotions such as loss, grief, hope, fear and joy. Your adoption was successful and your beloved child is now finally home! You achieved your goal. Finally you are…

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Celebrities Who Have Adopted Children

What celebrities have recently adopted children, other than Brad and Angelina? Quite a few celebrities have adopted children, other than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who receive the lion’s share of media coverage. Celebrities quietly adopt children, both domestically and from afar, and go about their merry lives endeavoring to create a lovable home for…

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