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Open Adoption Empowering Birth Mothers

Empowering Open Adoption: Nurturing Trust, Identity, and Harmony for Everyone

Open adoption is good when it eliminates secrets and shame.

Open adoption is good when it allows children to have answers about their origins.

Open adoption is good when it fosters a sense of identity.

Open adoption is good when it gives birth mothers a window into their children’s lives and relieves fears of improper placement.

The spectrum of open adoption is vast–ranging from yearly letters without identifying information to weekly face-to-face contact. However, with social media, openness often takes on a whole new form. Are you going to be friends on Facebook? Are you going to follow one another on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or exchange “chats?” Will the birth family be included in group texts about the child’s swimming lessons? Will the adoptive family be asked to “save the date” for an upcoming wedding?

Choosing the level of openness between the birth family and the adoptive family, requires careful consideration.

The focus should be on meeting the needs of the child rather than catering to adult preferences.


As in any relationship, boundaries for both the birth mother and the adoptive family are necessary and healthy.


For those seeking an App that facilitates anonymity and agreed-upon boundaries, HeartsConnect stands out as a preferred choice. It offers a secure platform for communication, fostering a connection built on trust and understanding.


Remember, a birth mother should never say, “I gave my baby away.” Instead, she should feel empowered, knowing she placed her child in a home where honesty and transparency are paramount.


Open adoption, when approached with respect and thoughtful consideration, becomes a harmonious journey for all involved.