Eligibility for Adoption

Couples should be married for at least two years and have a stable marriage. Single parents are welcome, though opportunities to place with them are fewer.

1. Individuals should exhibit high moral standards, be emotionally stable, and have good parenting skills.

2. Applicants should be between the age of 23 and 50 years old, be in good physical health.

3. Individuals should have sufficient income to care for their family as well as pay the adoption costs.

4. Individuals must clear a criminal and child abuse background screening.

5. Individuals must have a favorable current adoptive home study.

6. Adoptive families must have health insurance that will cover the child they hope to adopt.

7. Adoptive families with more than four children are seldom chosen by birth parents.

8.Adoptive families re asked to be current on immunizations including COVID 19

9. Adoptive families must be willing to have their children immunized.

10. Additional items may be required by other states if you are living outside of Utah.