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From Hopeful Prayers to Joyful Family: An Open Adoption Journey

Once Brad and Kenzie committed to the journey with Heart to Heart Adoptions, there was no looking back. They navigated through days of hopeful prayers, and for the first two adoptions, they doggedly rode the waves of heartache with unwavering determination.

While some who had walked the path of adoption painted it as a breeze, Brad and Kenzie knew better.

They were forging their own unique adoption story, one filled with its own set of challenges and triumphs.

Their first adoption brought with it a sense of anticipation that ran deep. They held onto hope, eager to meet the courageous mother who would entrust them with her precious daughter. They respected her painful decision to let go, waiting patiently for the moment she would say, “I’m ready. You are the family where she’s supposed to go.”

Kenzie’s eyes sparkled as she recalled, “We were ridiculously excited!”

As time passed, the desire to expand their family grew stronger.  Sixteen times, Heart to Heart called and asked Kenzie and Brad if they would like to be “considered” for specific situation.

Without hesitation, they said, “yes.” However, every time, the birth family ultimately decided either to take on the role of parenting or to choose another family. Intellectually, all prospective adoptive families understand that not being chosen doesn’t reflect negatively on them; it simply means it wasn’t the right ‘match.’ Yet, the lingering anticipation followed by the corresponding disappointment can still weigh heavily.”

“I just can’t do this anymore. It’s so hard!” she confided.

She felt broken and discouraged, sobbing on the kitchen floor. All the waiting. Waiting to hear if a Birth Mother will choose her. Many prayers. Having a righteous desire to be a mother, and yet she was still waiting.

Overcoming the discouragement, Kenzie clung to her rapport with Heart to Heart. 

“They are gracious and compassionate with their birth mothers. Because of their relationship with these strong women, they made a perfect and beautiful match with Emmee. “

“It felt like our Birth Mother handed over every mothering feeling as she placed Emmee in my arms; she transferred it all to me.”