How Do You Decide Which Babies to Place with Which Families?

This is a common question at Heart to Heart Adoptions, a private adoption agency, and everyone wants to know if there’s a magic formula. There are so many things that are considered when choosing adoptive parents for a child.

One of the main considerations are the preferences of the birth mother. For instance, an African American mom might prefer that her child be raised in an African American household so that the child doesn’t miss out on any of the cultural aspects of being an African American. The same holds true for all races. A Chinese woman might desire that adoptive parents be of Asian background so that the baby grows up around people of similar beliefs and heritage.

Often, heritage and ancestry is important to families and Heart to Heart Adoption strives to maintain that whenever a birth mom tells us that it’s important to her. Moms might also prefer that their baby be placed in a home where there are other children or no other kids. Some birth moms prefer adoptive parents who are older and more experienced and some prefer to find a young couple.

Financial considerations are also important. Most situations require that you pay agency fees along with legal and medical fees but these may vary from one situation to the next. Heart to Heart takes into consideration how long an adoptive family has been waiting for a baby as well. In some cases, a family may take a special interest in one of our birth moms and request a meeting. We try to accommodate those but cannot always do so.

After the Home Study

After you’ve completed your Home Study, you simply wait until we call you. If your circumstances change or you move, please let us know. If we discover a situation that we believe you would be right for, we will call you and give you all the information we have. If you are interested, then we set up a meeting between the birth mom and adoptive couple. If things go well, then we move to the next step which is the financial contract. You have 48 hours to sign and return the contract to us.

Once you are matched, 50% of the fees are due along with the signed contracts. Those funds are not at risk if the mother backs out of the contract; only if the adoptive parents decide to do so. If the birth mom changes her mind, then all your funds will apply to a new situation and we do work to find something else that’s right for you as quickly as possible.

At Heart to Heart Adoption Utah, we’ve been helping connect birth moms and adoptive parents for many years. We believe that an unplanned pregnancy can become a blessing for so many. Heart to Heart offers excellent Utah adoption choices we hope you’ll allow us to help you.