I Want to Give My Baby Up for Adoption

Even with so much sex education and birth control available today, women occasionally find themselves in a situation where they are pregnant and not ready to become a mom. If this describes you then you might also be losing a lot of sleep these days as you try to decide what to do. So many questions run through your head as you lie awake at night:

  • Will the biological father help out?
  • Will I be able to support my child?
  • How can I afford good prenatal care and the cost of delivery?
  • Will I be able to return to work or school once I have a baby?
  • What will my family say?
  • Can I honestly give my child the beautiful future it deserves?

Many women these days just don’t feel right about abortion. They want to do the right thing by their baby but they aren’t sure which way to turn. They know that raising a child in today’s world is challenging and single moms often have to make sacrifices for their kids. Maybe your dream is to finish college and become a lawyer or doctor and you don’t feel that a child fits into that dream.

There are so many considerations when trying to decide what’s best for you and your baby. These are all normal questions, fears and worries that go through the minds of just about every pregnant woman. The maternal instinct kicks in and suddenly you realize that there’s someone else to think about.

There are no right or wrong answers to most of these questions. Everyone is different. It does truly help to have a loving and supportive family if you decide to keep your baby. Once the baby is born, you’ll have to return to work and having family around to help with childcare can be invaluable. But time and experience has shown us that even women without a strong family network were still able to bear their child, return to work and forge a great future for both herself and her baby.

These are difficult choices that you must make based on your own background, desires, capabilities and financial situation. It’s usually a good idea to speak to family members and hear what they have to say about it. A baby coming into any family changes everything. If you belong to a religious affiliation, you might also speak to your clergyman. Think about how becoming a mom would affect your life now and your future. In some cases, speaking to the biological father is also a good idea. Many men would like to know that they are going to become fathers and they might also help you choose what’s best for you and your baby.

At Heart to Heart Adoptions, Utah, we understand how emotional these decisions are for women. We have counselors on staff that our birth moms can speak to and we encourage them to see one regularly to discuss any troubling issues. We also provide a good clean place for you to live while you’re pregnant. You won’t have to worry about working and paying the rent while you’re pregnant. We also provide excellent medical care for you and all expenses relating to the child’s birth are taken care of.

This might be the answer you’ve been searching for. A great place to live where all your needs will be met, a caring support group, excellent medical care and the chance to give your baby an amazing future with one of our adoptive families. Heart to Heart Adoptions offers so much to both birth moms and adoptive families and we hope you’ll look into our program more closely and see if it’s right for you. Unplanned pregnancies do happen, but Heart to Heart is here to give you some great options for the future.