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Jodi Takes as Long As a Birth Mother Needs Her

by Charlie, at Heart to Heart Adoptions

My eye surgery was not life-threatening, but the aftermath of the procedure was painful.

And I couldn’t drive.

And my sons aren’t very maternal.

And I wanted to cry.

And so I thought of Jodi.

Because Jodi takes as long as is needed.

Some of us take pride in being efficient. I am efficient. I can run through the necessary arrangements for insurance coverage. I can meticulously file every ICPS form. I can quickly book a flight.

Because efficiency is necessary, checking details is essential.

But when I hurt.

When I was in pain.

When I was scared.

I didn’t want efficiency. 

I wanted Jodi.

When questioned about being gone so long to help a 14-year-old girl who had just placed a baby, Jodie replied, “I stayed as long as was needed.” Jodi took the young girl to the beach and breakfast, and they talked as they made a picture book for the baby.

Jodi took as long as was needed with that birth mother and every birth mother she helps.

When I was in pain, I didn’t want an efficient busybody. I wanted someone who stayed as long as was needed.

I called Jodi. She stayed with me—as long as was needed.

When you need someone, call Heart to Heart Adoptions. We’ll get you in touch with someone who will, as best they can, stay as long as needed.