Learning About the Adoptive Home Study

The Home Study, also known as the Adoptive Home Study, has a number of functions. It ensures that you meet agency and state requirements and it helps you and your family to prepare for a new family member. It consists of several interviews, as well as information you provide to the agency about your life, job, family and medical history, finances and other such items.

Other family members or friends may also be asked to provide information about you. Once the home study worker comes to your house, you can ask them any questions about the adoption process. This is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about how adoption works. A series of reference letters will also be requested.

For those who do not live in the state of Utah, Heart to Heart Adoption can accept a completed adoptive home study from other sources as long as it adheres to similar professional adoption standards as Heart To Heart. Additionally, if our Utah adoption agency has completed a home study for you, then we will be happy to forward that on to another adoption agency you may be working with.

Heart to Heart Adoption is licensed to provide domestic home study services in Utah. Our professional staff is trained to provide home study services to families thinking about adoption. You will find our skilled team friendly and efficient. They work quickly and carefully to make the process as seamless as possible.

The adoptive home study is an important part of the whole adoption process. It’s an in-depth review that prospective parents must complete in order to be able to legally adopt a child. Once the home study is completed, your family will have the opportunity to view the study prior to printing.

Home studies only last for one year and must be updated annually in order to remain a viable candidate to adopt a baby. Typically, a home study takes about three months to complete, but many factors can affect the completion time.

Heart to Heart Adoptions is a licensed, non-profit agency located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We work on adoptions throughout the nation and are able to place children in all states that recognize theUtah license. Heart to Heart is also licensed in Florida, and New York because of their special requirements and will be licensed in Illinois. We work with attorneys and agencies all over the country and have a staff of licensed and non-licensed adoption professionals. Heart to Heart Adoption Agency Utah believes in its mission to connect women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy to families who desire to adopt a child.