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Crossing State Lines With a New Baby–What You Need

ICPC—Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children– is often the most feared part of the adoption process for adoptive parents who adopt outside their home states.

Essentially, ICPC allows a family to legally transport a child from one state to another during the adoption procedure. This is a contract among member states and U.S. territories that regulates and ensures uniformity in placing children living in one state into another state.

An adoption caseworker or attorney in the sending state initiates a placement request in the state where the child was born or currently lives. This is delivered to the receiving state. If the receiving state approves the placement request, then the child can move into the new state.

This process exists to ensure children are placed with safe, suitable caregivers who can meet the child’s needs.

ICPC can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. In extenuating circumstances, this procedure can take over a month.

Recognize that not complying with proper procedures can result in harsh penalties, including having the child removed from the petitioners’ care and/or the loss of rights to try to adopt again.

Make this wait time more tolerable by coming as prepared as possible. You will have time to bond as you wait for the phone call allowing you to go home.

For more information about ICPC check out this website.

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