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Needs Permanent Placement Immediately

If you are prepared to include a toddler with developmental delays in your family, you might be the right home for this three-year-old child.

If you are interested in applying to adopt this little boy, you must meet the following criterion.

  • Willing to travel to Utah. (By mother’s request.)
  • Have a current home study.
  • Have a traditional two-parent family. (By mother’s request.)
  • Willing to provide the birth mother with updates about the child’s progress.

An immediate placement would be best for this three-year-old child.

This sweet little boy is very active and possibly has autism.

Presently he is receiving the best care possible under the circumstances.

Home services are involved in occupational therapy to address gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive delays. This type of care should be continued.

The birth mother is a single mother who is described as “caring, thoughtful, and observant” but is in a situation that makes meeting the child’s needs difficult.

She is interested in finding a family who will accept her and include her in pictures and letters or communication through a computer app called HeartsConnect. You can use this app to easily message one another and send pictures and videos.

Professionals who have worked with this little guy agree that he has the potential to flourish with the right family–a family willing to find him the applicable services and provide him with love and appropriate boundaries.

If you have questions or feel drawn to adopt an older child, please, call Darla at 801-838-8018. Leave a message if Darla is otherwise engaged.

Recently, we have been approached to aid in placing children who are toddlers and a little older. If you feel drawn to adopt a child up to the age of four, yet you aren’t home study ready, click here to start your home study.