HeartsConnect is a secure communication, information, and photo sharing portal designed specifically for the unique needs of adoptive parents, birth parents, and adopted children.

Creating a Family

Many parents fear having “the adoption talk.” They worry that it will be awkward, that it will make their child feel less special, that they should have done it sooner, or that they will make a mistake that will permanently damage their precious child. No need to worry, we are here to help.

National Council for Adoption

We know that as adoptive parents, you experience unique joys, but also face some unique challenges in meeting the needs of your children. NCFA is here to provide trusted guidance and support every step of the way, whether you’re navigating the adoption process, looking for trauma-informed parenting expertise, or hoping to connect with other parents experiencing similar challenges.

Adoptive Families

 The How-to-Adopt and Adoption Parenting Network that addresses topics in adoption, such as adopting, the process, bonding with the child, talking to the child, openness, and more.


Utah Foster Care

In Utah, each prospective foster/adoptive family is required to participate in standardized training before becoming a licensed foster parent. These 20+ hours of preparation are called “pre-service training” and can take as little as a month to complete. 

Adoption Learning Partners

After you've formed your family through adoption, there are still areas where additional learning and support may be needed. Parenting in general can be challenging, and parenting adopted children adds another layer of complexity.

North American Council on Adoptable Children

The North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) supports, educates, inspires, and advocates so adoptive families thrive and every child in foster care has a permanent, safe, loving family.

Utah Adoption Council

The Utah Adoption Council was formed in 1981 by area adoption agencies to help lighten the load of the foster care system by advocating positive, permanent homes and families for foster children. The initial goals of the Council were to educate the community about adoption and promote awareness and understanding.