Parent to Baby Talk Makes Your Baby Smarter

Parent to baby talk makes your baby smarter In a new study published in the journal of pediatrics it was shown that a baby between birth-to-seven months in age born into a two parent household, hears three times as much babbling, cooing, and sing-song questions from a woman than from a man. Virtually no single factor—neither education levels or financial resources—influence a child’s language and IQ more than does the amount of parental speech a baby hears. Pediatric researchers from Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island sought to discover which parent that speech comes from and how often parents defense it. What the researchers discovered is that even on days when both parents are present, it’s the mother who is engaged the most in speaking and vocalizing with the baby. Babies returned the conversational favor by vocally responding to their mothers’ vocal overtures consistently more often than they did to speech from their fathers. And mothers were far more responsive to conversational prompts from their baby daughters than they were from their infant sons. The preferential pattern was barely discernible by the time the babies in the study after they were seven months old. So, dads, you can relax. Because guess what, you’re very much an essential part of the picture. Click here to read more about this study