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DON’T Attach “ADOPTED” in Front of Your Child’s Name

“This is Suzie. She is our adopted daughter.”

Why would you say that?

Find another agency if you plan to introduce Suzie or whatever name you choose in the above manner.  

On second thought, adopt a dog.

Adopted children don’t come with asterisks or footnotes.

They are either your children, or they aren’t. If you have to attach a title to the front of a child’s name, a human being, you’re not ready to take one into your home. 

Indeed, if I ever heard a child referred to in that manner, I’d rush right over and teach the child how to introduce you as her adoptive mom. I’d coach the youngster to say very clearly.

“This lady is not my real mom. She is my adoptive mom.” 

Why would you attach the adjective “adopted” in front of your child’s name? 

  • Are you all proud of adopting a child? “Yay, look at me.” Uh, I’m not impressed with your attempt to impress me.
  • Are you trying to excuse yourself as a parent because your child is misbehaving? Are you blaming behavior on genetics? Don’t be that obtuse. 
  • Are you trying to be transparent? So, some stranger has the right to hear how your child joined your family? NO. 

Why do you even think those words—my adopted daughter, Suzie?

You would only think those words if, somewhere in your head, there was some sort of separation between you and your child. 

“This is Suzie, my beloved daughter.”

That’s the right way.