Adoption is a lifelong journey, and so is adoption education.  We've written these posts to help you along your way.  Please enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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Heroes Amid the Toilet Paper

“You don’t have toilet paper!??? How can a store of your size NOT have toilet paper?? This is %&$#@ retarded!” yelled one mother pushing a cart full of canned goods. “Are you hiding the Clorox wipes? Seriously!!” a burly man tried to sound threatening. “I can only buy one rice!! This is America!! You can’t…
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Everyone Needs a Role Model

Everyone needs a role model.  They teach us about ourselves. In children, they help to define what they feel is important and meaningful.  Sometimes children compare themselves, and when they believe that they share characteristics, it can help them to believe in themselves.If they find similarities in the person they admire—in any way—it is easier…
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“The Little Couple” Adopts

Stars of “The Little Couple” on TLC, Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are the proud adopted parents to a three-year-old boy, who also suffers from a form of dwarfism. Adopting from China, the couple began to explore adoption as an alternative after their surrogate suffered an unfortunate miscarriage last March. As the stars of…
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When Stars Adopt

When Hollywood stars adopt, the world commands attention. Helping bring notoriety and social acceptance to adoption myths, some Hollywood actresses are open about their issues battling infertility, while others promote social justice for orphans and unplanned pregnancies. Heart to Heart, a Utah adoption agency, chronicles some of the famous Hollywood actresses who have adopted a…
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Private Adoption: Part 2 of 3

This post is part two of three and offers insightful information for prospective adoptive parents. Heart to Heart, a Utah adoption agency, strives to help make the adoption process simple for both adoptive parents and birthmothers. Continued from the previous article, which highlights important information to consider before adopting a child: If an adoptive parent…
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The Benefits of Adoption

When a family makes the life changing decision to adopt a child, they are making a difference in not only the child’s life, but also the birthmother’s. How does an adoptive family, birthmother and adopted child benefit from adoption? Adoptive Families – Some people go their entire lives assuming they will one day become parents.…
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Economy Slowdown: Domestic Adoptions Increase

As the U.S. economy slows down, Americans are seeing international adoption numbers plummet. This is a combined result: international adoption fees are astronomical and in a world filled with tension, there is an abundance of political gridlock. With numbers at an all time 15-year low, many adoption advocates say the decrease is linked to the…
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