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Economy Slowdown: Domestic Adoptions Increase

As the U.S. economy slows down, Americans are seeing international adoption numbers plummet. This is a combined result: international adoption fees are astronomical and in a world filled with tension, there is an abundance of political gridlock. With numbers at an all time 15-year low, many adoption advocates say the decrease is linked to the […]

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Tips for Adoptive Parents

Some adoptive parents spend years on lengthy waiting lists, only to be disappointed by birth mothers changing their minds, complicated paperwork or other unfortunate issues that arise. This article serves to provide adoption tips that will help prospective parents navigate through the adoption process and into starting their own families. Patience – The saying that […]

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Unwanted Pregnancies on the Rise in America

A new study shows that about 4 out of every 10 pregnancies were either unwanted or poorly timed. The study included 29 states and made a few other surprising revelations. The number of unwanted pregnancies in America is much higher than that of other developed nations. Some suggest that this could in part be attributed […]

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