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Parenting Advice for Adoptive Parents

While everyone can chime in their two-cents worth about being a parent, there are challenges that adoptive parents face that other parents do not. Instead of having the growing anticipation of bringing a child into the world, many adoptive parents receive a last minute phone call notifying them there is an infant or toddler in […]

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Tips for Adoptive Parents

Some adoptive parents spend years on lengthy waiting lists, only to be disappointed by birth mothers changing their minds, complicated paperwork or other unfortunate issues that arise. This article serves to provide adoption tips that will help prospective parents navigate through the adoption process and into starting their own families. Patience – The saying that […]

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General Adoption Advice

Anyone can be adopted, albeit it an infant, toddler, child, stepchild, relative, non-relative or even an adult. Depending upon the qualified adoption agency, some specialize in focusing on more difficult cases, while others practice standard, more routine adoptions. When a birth parent decides to place her child up for adoption, it is her sole decision. […]

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