The Call…

Are there certain things you wish you’d known before you received The Call?

the call

No matter how long a family has been waiting, when they finally receive The Call, their homes inevitably look like the departure scene in one of our favorite movies, “Home Alone”.  Most people are usually rushing around, missing things, but usually not people. So if your journey begins early,  consider having a plan!

Sometimes it is difficult to believe that, after waiting for some time to start a family, (more…)


Heart to Heart: Providing Services to Birthmothers

Services to Birth MothersHeart to Heart is a Utah adoption agency that works with birthmothers who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Heart to Heart strives to help birthmothers make the most out of their situations, helping provide placement for their babies, while offering a wide array of services to birthmothers.

  • Heart to Heart has on-staff counselors that help birthmothers both during and after their pregnancies.
  • They offer the utmost in confidentiality, ensuring that if a birthmother wants a private adoption, her records will remain sealed and closed.
  • They offer financial assistance for the pregnancy, including assistance after adoption placement.
  • Temporary relocation and housing in the Utah area is available, if needed, as is transportation.
  • If a birthmother has other children, childcare will be provided for her other children during the delivery.
  • Emotional support both during the labor and delivery process is given to birthmothers.
  • Heart to Heart does not utilize any foster care services and specializes in direct adoption placement.
  • They allow birthmothers to participate in the process of interviewing prospective adoptive families.
  • Birthmothers have the option to select closed, open or semi-open adoptions. (more…)


Why Parents Adopt

There are endless reasons why people decide to adopt children over having their own biological babies. Whether a person is married or unmarried, the simple desire to have a family of their own often leads people to consider the adoption process. Many of these people are not able to have a natural family via traditional reproduction methods. Whether someone is single, married or in a same-sex relationship, there are many reasons to consider adoption. Many parents adopt for the following reasons: (more…)