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Essential Tips for Adoptive Parents

Heart to Heart specializes in open adoption and private adoption in Utah. With a special emphasis on working with unplanned pregnancies and providing abortion alternatives, they strive to help people become adoptive parents. Adoptive parents often read a number of books, online advice and turn to other parents for parenting tips. In fact, there is…

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The Dreaded False Start

This is one of those delicate and uncomfortable subjects to address: a failed placement. Those of us who are adoptive parents know – the light at the end of the tunnel is totally worth it – parenthood! But the journey is filled with twists and turns, and, possibly, a major detour. The bad news: sometimes…

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Where’s the Handbook? Manual of Directions? Guidelines?

There isn’t one! There aren’t guidelines for learning how to instill pride in a child who has been adopted transracially. When my husband, Mat, and I first looked into adoption, we were laser focused on how to adopt a baby rather than how to parent a child who would create our transracial family. We read…

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