Adoption is a lifelong journey, and so is adoption education.  We've written these posts to help you along your way.  Please enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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Economy Slowdown: Domestic Adoptions Increase

As the U.S. economy slows down, Americans are seeing international adoption numbers plummet. This is a combined result: international adoption fees are astronomical and in a world filled with tension, there is an abundance of political gridlock. With numbers at an all time 15-year low, many adoption advocates say the decrease is linked to the…
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Choosing Adoption over Fertility Treatment

For those couples that want a biological child, one that shares both their common genes, but are unable to conceive without medical assistance, fertility treatment is an option. However, in a world where a number of children are born daily, those without homes waiting for them and only an orphanage in their futures, should more…
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Children: Pawns in Today’s Political Riff

Recently, Russia banned adoptions by Americans, causing outrage worldwide. The Russian Parliament and President Vladimir Putin made this dramatic political move in response to the United State’s Magnitsky Act, which heavily sanctions those countries that violate human rights. However, in a move that hit below the belts of orphans scattered across Russia, this highly regulated…
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Teen Pregnancy: Abortion Alternatives

The first thought that goes through a woman’s mind when she may be pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy is panic and anxiety. There are a number of options for teens facing this upward battle and Heart to Heart Adoption offers valuable advice. First, confirm the pregnancy. A number of clinics offer free pregnancy tests. There…
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Adoptive Families: Bonding Activities

Heart to Heart is a private adoption agency that focuses on both private adoption and open adoption. Helping provide parenting advice for adoptive parents, they provide information, articles and helpful tips to help families bond. While not every family adopts an infant, it is important for adoptive families to take the age level of their…
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Parenting Advice for Adoptive Parents

While everyone can chime in their two-cents worth about being a parent, there are challenges that adoptive parents face that other parents do not. Instead of having the growing anticipation of bringing a child into the world, many adoptive parents receive a last minute phone call notifying them there is an infant or toddler in…
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Adoptive Parents: Tips for Bringing Your Child Home

You have been waiting for your adoptive child for months, if not years, and finally you bring your bundle of joy home. There are several tips for adoptive parents, especially when bringing home a child. Imagine this unfamiliar world, new people and not being able to understand what is going on around you. After all,…
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