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The Right Match

The Halls* completed their home study right as COVID started disrupting life in the United States. They placed their family profile with Heart to Heart Adoptions and two other agencies.

“We immediately started to see situations,”

Christa said. “We were open to any race and many other types of situations. We didn’t have a preference for boy or girl or race. We were shocked that you could have a preference.”

One preference the Halls did have was for an open adoption. They wanted any child they adopted to understand their biological heritage and have a relationship with any birth family who put would bring a positive influence and love.

The open couple was willing to have their profile presented to dozens of potential birth mothers.

“There got to be a pattern,” Christa said. “We got a call about a situation and asked if we wanted to be presented. We would say, ‘yes,’ wait a week and find out we weren’t chosen. This got pretty discouraging. We lost track of how many times—probably got up to 30.  We were pretty disheartened.”

Within a couple of weeks, however, an expectant mother asked to talk with the Halls.

“At the end of that call, the woman said, ‘Congratulations, this is going to be your son.’ Our hearts at that moment,” Christa said, emotion suddenly made speaking difficult. “You can’t understand what happens to your heart.”

The due date was in less than six weeks.

“I’m a planner,” Christa said, and amidst planning for a baby was a scheduled surgery.

“I have an implanted fibulator in my chest. When it is due to get replaced, it beeps. Every morning it would beep. I felt like a robot. It’s an outpatient surgery, but it does inhibit the use of my arm.”

The couple talked about contingency plans so she could travel.

Surgery was successfully accomplished before the couple got a text that Amber* might be going into labor. Christa had just completed a work project. Brennan left in the middle of a virtual meeting to pack. Thirty-five minutes later, they received another text. This was really labor. They started driving.

A couple of hours into their ten-hour drive, they received notification that a healthy girl had been born.

“It was a crazy surprise,” Christa admitted. “We thought we were getting a son. Our first and completely natural reaction was for both of us to start laughing. Our birth parents were concerned that we might change our minds because it was a girl.”

There was no hesitation in adopting a little girl.

Christa fights emotional, joyful tears as she talks about the night they waited to see their new daughter.

“Because of COVID and visiting hours, we couldn’t go in,” Christa explained. “All we wanted was to be supportive and not put pressure. Adoption is not final until it is final. As much as we wanted this to be our match, the last thing we want is for there to be any regrets or any feelings of pressure or manipulations. ”

Both Brennan and Christa agree having this daughter has been amazing.

*Names have been changed.

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