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Thoughtful Gifts for Your Child’s Birth Mother This Christmas

About  45 minutes ago I made my decision for my son’s birth mother.

I clicked add to cart.

Go to cart.

Proceed to check out.       

Checked the address.

And then clicked place my order.

Sending a holiday basket to my son’s birth mother felt like a simple task, but its significance is immense. Even though I don’t know her preference for chocolate-covered pretzels, the intention is clear—to honor and love her.

If you are an adoptive parents you still have time to scroll through Christmas gift baskets. They come in various sizes, prices, types, and they will deliver quickly.

While chocolate-covered pretzels might not be her absolute favorite, the intention behind the gift is clear – a heartfelt gesture to let her know she occupies a cherished space in our hearts.

As my son, now in his early twenties, forges his own connection with his birth mother, it’s a reminder that the bond extends beyond him to our entire family.

In the early days, before the convenience of OurHeartsConnect, we shared pictures through emails. Technology may have evolved, but the sentiment remains timeless – a desire to bridge the gap and ensure she feels the warmth of our love.

As Christmas approaches, here are some thoughtful ways to honor your child's birth mother:

As Christmas approaches, here are some thoughtful ways to honor your child’s birth mother:

  1. Remember Her: Take a moment to reach out, check in, and let her know she’s remembered and valued during the holiday season.

2. Invite Her: Extend an invitation to join in Christmas festivities, creating an inclusive atmosphere that acknowledges her significance.

3. An Ornament in Honor of Her Child: Consider a personalized ornament as a tangible reminder of her child’s place in her heart, a small but meaningful gesture during the holidays.

4. Extra Meaningful Gifts: Share precious memories, such as framed photos or artwork involving the birth child. These thoughtful gifts speak volumes about the connection and love shared.

5. Pray for Her: Offer heartfelt prayers for her well-being, especially if physical distance or other circumstances limit direct interaction. Let her know she’s seen and cared for in the prayers of others.

It’s crucial to recognize that it’s never too late to express gratitude and love to your child’s birth mother. Whether through a last-minute gift or a sincere prayer, these gestures have the power to make this holiday season truly special.