Who Should You Listen To About Adoption?

It often seems as if everyone suddenly becomes an “adoption expert” when they find out that you are planning to adopt. But what advice can you really trust about how adoption works?

The answer is simple — the adoption professionals you have sought help from. The adoption process is a very complex one — differing from country to country and state to state. Only the adoption professionals you are working with to make your adoption dreams a reality are familiar with your case and are equipped to provide you the accurate, trustworthy advice and information you need to know.

Often, friends or family will share with you the “information” they have received from someone they know who has adopted. This may include misconstrued, inaccurate information that could negatively impact your adoption journey. Also, be wary of information you receive from other couples who have adopted regarding issues they did not have a personal experience with. For instance, if you know a couple who has adopted internationally, do not rely on them for information regarding a domestic adoption as the process is very different for each type of adoption. This is also true for situations where a couple may have adopted domestically from Florida, whereas you will be adopting from California — the laws regarding adoption in Florida are very different from those in California and will not apply to your situation.

Finally, also be certain that even when receiving advice from adoption professionals, that they are well-versed in the type of adoption you are pursuing. Although you may personally know a lawyer who has personal experience with domestic adoptions, that does not mean that they are experts regarding international adoption, as well. Not all adoption professionals are versed in all areas of adoption, either.

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