Everyone Needs a Role Model

Everyone needs a role model.  They teach us about ourselves. In children, they help to define what they feel is important and meaningful.  Sometimes children compare themselves, and when they believe that they share characteristics, it can help them to believe in themselves.If they find similarities in the person they admire—in any way—it is easier to believe that they are okay themselves and provide an important kinship.



Deciding Between Adoption or Abortion

Adoption or Abortion - Utah Adoption HelpMany women find themselves faced with unplanned pregnancies. When a woman is faced with the decision to have her baby and offer him/her up for adoption or choose abortion, this difficult decision is met with turmoil, uncertainty and a sense of overwhelming loneliness. The reasons these women should consider placing their child up for adoption instead of abortion include the following:

  • Abortion – While studies show that four out of 10 pregnancies result in a termination, 88-percent of these pregnancies are concluded within the first trimester. Seventy-percent of women who report having an abortion say they look back with negative feelings and regret.

  • Assistance – Instead of choosing to terminate and end a baby’s life, birthmothers can place their babies for adoption with reputable adoption firms, such as Heart to Heart Adoptions in Utah. Heart to Heart Adoptions is a national non profit adoption agency. They offer exceptional assistance for pregnant mothers, including free medical care, housing, financial assistance and counseling support. Adoption is considered a gift of life.